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Five major communication problems
in relationships

communication problems in relationshipsEvery single relationship has it's fair share of highs and lows. Stress about your finances, life's every day problems and even health issues simply need to be weathered the best you can. Even though these problems are often quoted as major causes for divorce, often the root cause is communication problems in relationships. If you are not effectively communicating, you are just about guaranteeing that you'll experience problems in your relationship over time. Maintaining a good line of communication will make your relationship work well and keep it strong.

Five of the most common communication problems in relationships and what you can do about them to put your relationship back on the right track

The not-listening syndrome-This communication problem is more common with long term relationships. This is when your able to anticipate your partners response in a conversation before they even speak. Unless you take the time to really listen to your partner, without interrupting, the not-listening syndrome takes effect. This isn't always a one sided problem. Sometimes both people begin to talk over each other, while in other situations, one person keeps talking and doesn’t allow a response. You'll need to make a conscious effort to allow good two-way conversations, while giving thought to both points of view. Being aware of this problem will go a long way towards eliminating communication problems in relationships.

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Positive Communication-All of us have a very busy lifestyles, and this often leaves very little quality time for us to spend with our partner. If most of your communication is a conversation about problems, this will often wear thin. Make every effort to spend even just one hour each day together talking about more positive topics or simply kicking back together. If most of the conversations between the two of you are of a negative nature, you're obviously going to promote a negative environment. This type of environment can harm your relationship.

Guilt trips to get your way- Using guilt trips is one of the more common communication problems in relationships. For example, suppose your spouse gets all over your case because you decided to buy something that he or she thought was way too expensive, and perhaps it was a little pricy. But if you decide to respond with a remark that happens to dig into the past, maybe detailing a particular mistake your spouse made, all you'll actually be doing is deflecting the conversation. Actually, you are putting a guilt trip on your partner to cover your own mistake. Do your relationship a favor and avoid the guilt trips.

Be objective and keep your attitude in check- If your conversation begins to go south, stop, take a step back, and be honest about your attitudes. Is your attitude confrontational? Irrational and angry? A bad attitude will greatly contribute to ongoing, habitual communication problems in relationships. Make an honest effort to be objective. If you're angry and have a bad attitude, then all you are doing is fueling the fire. Take a moment to calm down before you continue the conversation. Constantly butting heads and arguing will not take your conversation anywhere good.

Don't play blame games- This is an arrogant tactic that is often used by a controlling personality. It serves two, very counterproductive purposes. The person who is doing the blaming feels righteous and in charge, while the person who is being blamed for everything feels resentful and suffers, eventually, a loss of confidence and a depressed mood. This often leads to inserting attitudes followed by guilt trips. If this type of communication problem begins to become the norm, then it's defiantly time for a very serious sit down.

All of these communication problems in relationships can be repaired. Be honest about all of the ones that apply to you, but it needs to be a mutual effort between the both of you!

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